Tuesday, October 18, 2011

320 Main Employee Spotlight: Glenn Doyle

Meet Glenn Doyle an essential and unseen cog in the 320 Main machine. He’s been the loveable and loyal dishwasher at 320 Main since it’s opening and well before. How long? For “a couple decades” he coyly and smirkily remarks, avoiding any specific reference that might date him. He has worked at the location when it was Caroline’s, a restaurant owned by his aunt and uncle, as well as when it was Bayou St. John’s. Originally from Los Angeles, Glenn now lives in Long Beach. He’s a humble and understated man, with Californian-for-life tanned skin, friendly gray eyes, and a pretty sweet 'stache. An unofficial expert on the location, and one of the key players in 320 Main’s stellar service, we thought we should introduce you to Glenn:
Q: What has the switch been like from the previous restaurants at this location to 320 Main?
Glenn: The location was going downhill before. Since Jason and Rebecca have taken over it’s gotten so much busier. It gets pretty hectic on the weekends. They keep me busy back there [laughs]! They’re wonderful.

Q: What’s it like to work at 320 Main?
Glenn: We’re like a big family here. Jason and Rebecca are really cool. They took us all bowling for Christmas. It’s like that here. And James, the chef, I like him. He’s outgoing and I love his food.

Q: So you approve of the 320 Main menu James has cooked up?
Glenn: I love it. But I’m biased. Like I said, he’s family [smiles].

Q: What about this whole egg-on-the-burger thing that they’ve got going? Have you tried that yet?
Glenn: I’d never tried it like that, but it was good when I finally had it here. I was surprised.

Q: The “real” cocktails are a big deal on the 320 Main menu. Which drink is your favorite here? Not when you’re on the job, of course [laughter].
Glenn: [Laughs] Well I’m not a big drinker, but I think I’d ask Jason to make me a Screwdriver.

Q: What’s your best memory from working at 320 Main so far?
Glenn: Best time I had when the Schiffers took over was when they gave me a raise! 

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