Monday, January 23, 2012

320 Main Employee Spotlight: Kristin Virgin

The multi-talented Kristin Virgin.
Kristin is a walking example of the renaissance man - errr, rather - woman. Just when you think you've got her all figured out, she releases another tid-bit of information about her life that blows you away. When she's not entertaining 320 Main guests with her classical good looks and quick wit, she's studying souffles and sauces at culinary school. When she's not captaining her 31 foot sport fishing boat she's dressing her cat up in costumes. When she's not traveling, she's curled up on her couch watching the latest drama on Downtown Abbey. In short, she's got "well-rounded" down to an art and would make the perfect cocktail party date. Meet 320 Main server, Kristin Virgin:

Q: How long have you worked at 320 Main?
Kristin: I will have been at 320 Main for six years in May. I was hired to open 320 by the original owners. There are only two of us left from the opening of the restaurant. 

Q: Are you from Seal Beach? 
Kristin: I’m from Garden Grove but now I live 3.3 miles from 320 in Belmont Shore. I joke that I live in LA County and commute all the way to Orange County. I spend so much time in Seal Beach it feels like I live there. I just don't sleep there. 

Q: Two words that best describe you? 
Kristin: Silly and interested. 

Q: Favorite dish on the menu? 
Kristin: I really love so many of them that it is hard to say! I guess right now i like the Duo of Lamb. The whole dish melts in your mouth. 

Q: What's your poison? (A.K.A. Favorite cocktail at 320)
Before the Schiffer's took over I would never order a gin or bourbon based drink and my concept of a "craft cocktail" was a mojito. Things are MUCH different now. I don't have a favorite cocktail, and I don't think any of us could, because we are constantly trying new things the guys are coming up with. I do get fixated on a particular Spirit from time to time and want to try all the classical - and then all the new school - cocktails made with it. Right now I am on a big Laird’s Applejack kick. 

Q: Best thing about 320 Main? 
Kristin: The best thing about 320 is our people (regulars). They take such good care of us and I love serving them. I see my regulars more than I see my family most of the time and so to me they become family. I’ve gone to my regulars vow renewals, bbqs, poker games and New Year's Eve parties. I even went to Washington D.C. with one! 

Q: Secret to surviving a busy Friday night on the floor?
Kristin: Knowing I’ve survived them before, having a game plan, and Becca at the hostess stand. And occaisionally a large latte with an extra shot of espresso if I know it’s going to be a busy night!

Q: You're going to culinary school now, correct?
Kristin: I’m in the culinary program at OCC which is accredited by the culinary federation of America. It is such an amazing program and I learn so much everyday! 

Q: What made you want to study food? 
Kristin: My husband and I would like to own a restaurant in the future and I feel like you should know everything you can about your business. I want to be able to put myself in the Chef’s shoes and speak to them in their language and help out if I’m needed. 

Q: What's your personal signature dish? 
Kristin: I make a mean white trash bread pudding!

Q: As a person who knows food and has studied it, what sets 320 Main's menu apart from the rest?
Kristin: I like that our menu has a little something for everyone. It’s approachable but with surprises like Duck, Sunchokes and Buffalo.

Q: Besides working at 320 what are your hobbies
Kristin: My husband and I own a 31 foot sport fishing boat and I’m hoping to utilize it more by going to Catalina and deep sea fishing this summer. I was thinking of learning to scuba dive but I don’t like being cold so I might hold off on that for a while.

Q: Any pets? 
Kristin: I have a cat named Juliet, she is about 13 years old. I’m her third mommy so I could be off by a year or two. I like to dress her up in costumes…She must have about 15 or so. She only stays in them for a minute or two but it makes me laugh. 

Other things about Kristin:

  • I did a semester abroad in Florence, Italy and then went back and lived in Rome for a while 
  • I’m an only child 
  • My mom is an acupuncturist 
  • I name all my cars and if your car doesn’t have a name I’ll name it for you 
  • I recently joined the Lions Club of Seal Beach 
  • I graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a Business Degree 
  • I’ve been to Hong Kong 
  • I’ve been married for five years 
  • I’ve been working in the food service industry for 13 years 
  • I love Downton Abby


  1. The first time we dined at 320 Kristin has the warmest greeting. it was the first time I had left my baby to go out with my husband.

    We thought the food was amazing but we couldn't stop talking about Kristin.
    Well, we are still talking about how much we enjoy 320 and we LOVE KV. Her spunk and sparkle make every visit just like going to visit the family you love.

  2. I totally agree with you Barbara. 320 is wonderful and the food in totally amazing, but Kristin is a huge part of my excellent experience at 320 and she is the best.