Wednesday, July 10, 2013

320 Main Employee Spotlight: Kim

If you're a 320 Main regular then you know Kim. She's the feisty blonde that looks like she walked right out of a Southern California postcard. But don't let her pretty face fool you, she's got a tongue sharper than glass and wit with more bite than Mike Tyson. Oh and did we mention she's double majoring? Brains, beauty and a sense of humor, she's got it all - meet Kim:

Q: How long have you worked at 320 Main?
A: Longer than Becca and Jason! Seven-ish years. 

Q: Two words that best describe you:
A: Blunt, and driven.

Q: Favorite dish on the 320 Main menu?
A: The NY Block and pan seared scallops.

Q: What's your poison?
A: The Michigander.

Q: Best thing about 320 Main?
A: The staff. It's great working with great people. I couldn't ask for better friends and co-workers. And of course shiftys!

Q: When you're not working at 320 Main where can we find you?
A: At my other job or at the beach. 

Q: Do blondes really have more fun?
A: F*ck yeah!

Q: We hear you're a numbers whiz?
A: Yeah, I'm double majoring in Stats and Econ.

Q: What's one thing some people might not know about you?
A:  I want to go to 30 countries before I'm 30. I've got 8 down, and 22 to go!

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