Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fried Chicken & French Toast Brunch

Fried Chicken & French Toast Brunch $16. Available Sat and Sun from 11:30am-3pm (shown above with "the works"- add Fried Egg $2, add Black Forrest Bacon $2)

After discussing the merits of a good Bloody Mary with brunch a couple weeks ago, we would be remiss if we didn't delve deeper into the singularly spectacular french toast and fried chicken brunch at 320 Main. That's right, you heard us right folks. French toast and fried chicken married happily together on one plate in an unlikely, but nonetheless delicious dish. 

Strange as it may sound, this concept is not new. Chicken and waffles has been a favorite soul food dish for years in places like Well's Supper Club in Harlem (R.I.P.) and Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles locally in LA and Long Beach. One legend of its beginnings traces all the way back to the New York jazz scene of the 40's and 50's and features the likes of the great Thelonius Monk. After performing all night, Monk would head to the diner in the wee hours of the morning and order chicken (for his missed dinner) and waffles for his bread. Monk's genius for music apparently transferred over into food as well, because people have been enjoying this savory sweet breakfast for years since. 

320 Main took this soul food classic and put their own spin on it. The classic waffle is swapped for french toast made with fresh brioche bread from Melrose Bakery in LA (delivered fresh daily) and sprinkled with powdered sugar, fresh blueberries and raspberries. Even the fried chicken gets an update in this rendition of the dish, breaded with 320 Main's signature home made spicy cayenne breading. Get it with the works for just $4 more and atop the chicken lies a handful of thick cut, naturally raised, juicy strips of black forest bacon cooked to perfection - not too crispy, not too chewy. It's finished off - yes there's more - with a fried, farm raised, Grade A egg. 

One might think that chicken and french toast don't go together. Dinner food with breakfast food? But cut off a bite of each, add a bite of bacon, swirl it around in your broken fried egg, and then dip it into the maple syrup - when the savory and sweet flavors meet in your mouth, what once sounded so wrong on paper begins to feel taste oh-so-right. Don't believe us? Drop by 320 Main one Saturday or Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and see for yourself. 

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